GiGi's Jazz

Lady with the Fan, Gigi, Grace Smitherman is a wonderful and inviting vocalist. She has a voice that soars smoothly arm in arm through the sound waves of jazz singers beforehand.  Gigi's ability to tell a story through words and music is not only mesmerizing but recognizable as valid happenings in everyone's day to day journey.   ~ Elizabeth Medwick - Photographer and dancer

I happened into a local-upscale restaurant to enjoy a great meal.  Suddenly heard the most divine voice I've heard in some time.  It was almost like an Ella Fitzgerald and a combination of a Nancy Wilson.  This Lady, GiGi, can really sing.  I was surprised and enthralled at the same time and I will follow this divine voice where ever and when ever I can hear her.  Not only does she deliver a song beautifully, but she is just as lovely. ~ Rafer Hubert - Professional Services

GiGi "The Lady with The Fan"  is most assuredly one of the finest jazz singers of our time.  Her sound is reminiscent of the early influences of Ella’s Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee and others of that period.  She is the epitome of the  1930’s jazz vocal sound with a rich tone and long legato phrases.  She has a way of playing with the notes and never sings a song the same way twice and demonstrates a love for singing that shines through in every note and song she sings.  She needs more exposure so that others can be blessed with more of her vocal renditions.~ Michael Lee - Professional Musician