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I was not seeking to do anything in music outside of singing in the shower and listening to great songs. When I visited a restaurant in 2012, I had nothing planned but to eat and listen to music.  That is when I connected with Chester and Patricia Daigle and it all began.  

When I started out, I was very shy.  I sat on a chair and sang behind Chester Daigle, our renowned pianist.  I was shy of being visible or stand to perform.  Chester would encourage me to move forward.  One night he said “You know you’re going to have to eventually stand up to sing”.   People want to see you and know who you are”.  It took a bit but I finally began to stand, be visible in performance.  Now it’s like the butterfly came out of the cocoon.  It was an entirely different feeling and I’ve grown in the music and the nerve to be up front and actively delivering the songs.  I am empowered and loving to perform.   Although I can read music, I prefer the freedom of being able to stylize a song and deem myself more of a “song stylist”.  I love to listen to the melodies and marry my vocal abilities as a complement to the song while transcending the various genre labels ranging widely across jazz, pop, ballads and torch song categories. 

As “Gigi”, I have absolutely no formal voice training and consider my talent to be a “Gift of God”.  A discovery that I am truly grateful to God for guiding me into this realm at this time in my life.  His reason transcends any and everything that I can ever imagine.

As a child, I sang in church choirs, however, outside of that, I had only used my “gift” of song extemporaneously until now, my senior years.  I always loved jazz stylings as It was the first music I identified with at the tender age of 5.   I believe that my song stylings are reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Nancy Wilson and even a bit of Phyllis Hyman.

I am a firm believer of always giving your best, whatever it is.   In my performances, I feel that I owe the audience the very essence of why I stand before them—the best each time,  with song and every performance before them.  A fresh, qualitative, empowered, synergy that leaves them feeling that they have had a great and wonderful experience.

Getting started so late in music,  my life has taken on an alter egoistic life of its own.  At this time in my life, my obligations are few and I have achieved a balance that I have sought for many years.   My business that I began in 1990 still goes on under the capable management of my two wonderful young ladies, Dana, my daughter and Chelon my niece.  

I am afforded “my time” which permits me to enjoy singing these wonderful songs.  I can enjoy my husband, delight in the music, contribute my artistry where I believe it benefits others and maintains a certain balance in both my professional and private life.



2019-04-24 11:13:13 - sharaccum
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2018-02-19 07:17:09 - Glam
This is still developmental, I see. Let's hope for good things to come.
2017-08-19 08:05:58 - GiGi
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MUSIC; All genres. Last evening my husband Rafer and I enjoyed and had the pleasure of listing to a most brilliant Violinist in the person of Jairus Daigle. I congratulate him on the huge turnout and the excellent substantive concert. His artistry and skills were energetically showcased while being supported by and joined by a cadre of other musicians and vocalists. I am always impressed by his family members whose musical skills are off the charts. Breanna always brings it, as well. Jairus, YOU ROCK!!
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